At Arirang dinner is served from Wednesday to Saturday between 17.00 and 22.00. Evening take away dinner menu also always available. See TAKE AWAY.

Appetizers / Side orders

We don’t usually have starters in Korea. This is because we are often in a hurry “palli-palli” (hurry-hurry) so ready-made snacks are provided while you wait for your main course, such as delicious pickled
vegetables. Always instantly available.

Kim chi – 50

Chili marinated chinese cabbage

Radish Kim chi – 50

Chilimarinated radish

Zapche – 48

Vermicelli noodles in sweet soya

Sookju Namul – 42

Marinated bean sprouts

Oi Namul – 42

Spicy cucumber salad


A bowl of fresh salad leafs, excellent with BBQ or chicken

Namul Set – 232

Our selection of marinated vegetables

Kim chi chun – 99

Kim chi pancakes with squid and leek

Nok doo Chun – 97

Mungbean pancakes with arirang sauce

Mandoo – 97

Panfried pork meat dumplings

Yuk hoe – 125

Korean style steak tartare served on a bed of sliced pear topped with pine nuts

Ojingo Mochim – 97

Sweet spicy marinated squid

Shigumchi chun – 97

Spinach pancakes spiced with garlic



We combine our main courses with a selection of namul, our home made marinated vegetables that provide a complete taste experience in themselves. Naturally you can choose to order the main course with or without namul.

Kalbi – 220/273*

Grilled spicy pork spareribs

Bulgogi – 236/289*

Grilled marinated beef in soya sauce, garlic and sesame oil

Chicken Kalbi – 215/268*

Grilled soy and garlic marinated chicken

Gori Gom Tang – 215/268*

Traditional Korean oxtail soup served with rice and kim chi

Chicken Katsu – 215/268*

Crispy chicken with sweet spicy soya sauce

SaMgyupsal – 220/273*

Marinated and grilled slices of pork served with saladwraps

* with namul

Bibimbap – 226/278*

Beef Bibimbap, Chicken Bibimbap, Vegetarian Bibimbap, served on a bed of rice, with an egg on top

Chicken Bokkum – 210/263*

Stir fried chicken and vegetables with a sweet spicy sauce

Ojingo Bokkum – 210/263*

Stir fried squid and vegetables with a sweet spicy sauce

Kim chi Bokkum – 237/288*

Sesame fragrant stir fry with kim chi and pork

Kimchi Tjige – 215/268*

Chilimarinated cabbage, pork and tofu in a very spicy broth (20 min)




Having your food barbequed at the table creates a relaxed and intimate atmosphere. Why not order some crispy lettuce leaves that you can wrap around your freshly grilled meat. Together with the spicy sauces this forms a perfect combination of savory, and sweet with a special sting in the tail.


Traditional marinated beef and thinly sliced sirloin steak grilled at the table
Minimum order for 2 persons



In traditional Korean style, we recommend that you end your meal with something fresh and sweet. This provides a perfect balances in contrast to the savory and spicy main courses and rounds off your meal nice and smoothly.


Little chocolate treats


Apple fritter with vanilla ice cream and sweet gingerflavoured sauce